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  • table-centre-kit-floral-design
  • table-centre-kit-floral-design
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Stardust Table Centre Kit

If you want to get started in floral design, this kit has everything you need to create table centres, all you need to add is the flowers and the vessel. 

Kit includes:

Stardust Flower Snips

Small Stardust Flower Frog (40mm)

Large Stardust Flower Frog (50mm)

Floral Adhesive Clay

Coated Wire Mesh 50cm x 20cm

Roll of Clear 6mm Pot Tape (50m)

This is a great gift for flower lovers, or a great way to try floral design without investing too much. Packaged is a reusable box, you can store all your tools in one place or gift it to someone with gorgeous presentation.

To make table centres or centerpieces, check out our youtube page for tips and lessons:

Flower Snips: perfect for cutting through thick stems, these allow your whole hand to rest in the handle and use the full strength to cut through, while still being comfortable. Short, thick blades are ideal for woody stems.

Flower Frogs: attach to the base of your vase or vessel and use to create your design by anchoring the flowers to the base. Simply attach a small amount of floral putty (also included) and allow to set for a few minutes.

Floral Adhesive Clay: this is like waterproof blue tack that attaches your flower frog to your vase or vessel.

Coated Wire Mesh: a florist's best friends! We use this to create designs large and small. Cut a piece off, ball it up, and push it into your vessel. Secure with pot tape if required. This replaces floral foam, and can be reused over and over again to create new designs.

Clear Pot Tape: use this to create a grid on the top of a vase, or to secure in your mesh when designing into a base. This tape is waterproof but does need a moment to adhese, and needs to be used on a dry surface.