Booze & Blooms Workshops

It was New Years Eve 2021, they year that will go down as one of the worst universally. I went to a festival in Sydney to celebrate. I hadn't been to something like it in two years, it was amazing. And at it, I caught Covid. I was so sick, stuck at home for a week with nothing to do. I couldn't work, I had to pause my website and I was sitting around thinking of things I could do while in iso.
I will organise some workshops, I thought. I can do that from home. So I contacted some venues, did some costing, booked something in and jumped on canva to do some posts. I loaded it up on Eventbrite, and only hours later, my first Booze & Blooms workshop was up for sale. Just like that, with very little thought or intention.
And it kind of changed the course of my whole business, because within days, it had sold out. I added a second, and again - it sold out. 
My first workshop, I was quite nervous, although I had been practising what to say in the car whenever I was driving anywhere. I wasn't sure if people would like it, or if they would like me and it would just be a terrible rible disaster. But it wasn't, it was so much fun. I had fun, they had fun. There were flowers, and drinks, and music. And I was quite good at teaching, although I had never done it before. Both of my parents are teachers, so I guess it runs in the family.
A few months later, and I have just held my second workshop at my very own fully kitted out workshop space on Parramatta Road in Stanmore. After lugging 20 buckets of flowers up and down stairs, into cars and sweating profusely, I decided to just go for it, and get my own space to have workshops and a proper workspace.
I have Booze & Blooms workshops most Sunday afternoons from 2-5pm and some Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. Tickets are sold on Eventbrite and they are also available via Class Bento where you can gift them to someone.
I will be doing special season workshops, such as a Everlasting DIY Dried Flower Arranging workshop on the upcoming June long weekend and wreath workshops at Christmas time.
To read more about them, you can check out the below Timeout article: