Why I love a micro wedding

Let’s hear it for the micro wedding.
I LOVE small, intimate weddings, both professionally and personally. When you get invited to a really small wedding it feels like a real honour. 
And I really love flowering small weddings, it’s why I don’t have a minimum spend. Micro weddings: come at me!
Here’s my case for keeping it small:
✨you get to spend real, quality time with your guests
✨less moving parts mean less to do both in the lead up to and on the day so you can relax and enjoy yourself
✨as a florist, I don’t have to hire a van or extra staff, I can place every single bloom myself and make every element. It’s blissful work
✨I find couples having small weddings can be selective and get quality vendors because they don’t have to spread their $$ thin and allow for as many things in their budget
Take G & A for example. They hired the whole of Spicer Sangoma Retreat in the Blue Mountains which had a special significance to them. They had just 16 guests who all stayed on site before, during and after the wedding. They had an amazing long, luxurious, candlelit dinner, with their guests the whole time. They didn’t have to go from the ceremony to photo location to reception venue. They did everything in the one spot and just ducked off at golden hour for some epic photos.
To couples out there in the initial stages, think of a place you love, the people you love and keep it simple. You’ll love yourself for it.
📸 Jack Chauvel