How to care for flowers

Flowers are expensive, I know. They are a luxury item so - you really want to make sure you get the most from them. Whether you have bought flowers from Harris Farm or been gifted a stunning bouquet, here's how to get the most out of them.
1. Cool, fresh, clean water: flowers are thirsty creatures. It's hard work being so beautiful. They drink a lot of water and just like us they prefer a nice cool drink of clean water. I don't use flower food, or give it out with my bouquets, because essentially it helps the blooms come to their peak, but that also means they will start to decline, which doesn't prolong their life. So keep it simple, just cool, fresh, clean water - and change their water every 2-3 days. Oh - and use a clean vase! Give it a wash before you use it.
2. Recut the stems before you put them in water: much like your skin, a flower stem will start to heal itself and seal off a fresh cut. By getting the freshly cut stem straight into water, you're allowing it to absorb as much water as possible before it seals off. Cutting on an angle will give a bigger surface area for them to absorb water, like drinking from a thicker straw. Cut 1-2cm off the stems before placing flowers into water, and when you change the water, give them another snip each time.
3. Out of direct sunlight: flowers love to be kept cool (with the exception of tropical flowers like orchids). Choose a spot that is not in direct sunlight or near a heat source like a fireplace. 
4. No leaves below the water line: if leaves end up in the water they will start to break down and make the water go slimy and murky. This attracts bacteria which will get into the flower stem. So make sure no leaves go below the water in your vase. Pluck off any lower leaves and fish out any leaves that fall into the water.
It's really common sense, but if you follow these simple tips, you will be basking in the glory of fresh flowers for 10 days or more.