Trend Alert: Grandma's as flower girls

This is a trend I have seen in US weddings, and I really want to launch a campaign to see more of this here in Australia: Grandma's acting as flower girls at weddings. It is officially the most adorable thing I have ever seen.
The other thing about flower girls is, they rarely go on. Poor wee things. They get awfully scared right at the last minute and despite all the coaxing, most often refuse the gig. I have had to push little 4 year old Poppy who I just met on a nearby swing set while her Mum fulfilled her duties as a bridesmaid. She just didn't want to do it.
Grandma's are officially stealing the show, opening the ceremony and giving us all the feels.
I was lucky enough to freelance this gorgeous wedding with theflowerdrum with Grandma as a Bridesmaid, and it was my favourite part of this perfect day.
These two belonged to the wedding of marinawphoto - what a way to start the show.
Captured by lararosephoto - she's totally done this before. The technique is impeccable.
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