Trend Alert: Petite & En Masse Bouquets

Lately, bridal bouquets have been getting more subtle and simple. Whether it's in size or ingredients, less is more.
En Masse in floristry terms it means only one flower has been used to make the bouquet. Dainty flowers like camomile daisy or baby's breath look so good used this way.
Small posies are so elegant, classic and simple and becoming a more popular choice for brides with an understated and modern style.
Nadia Fairfax's simple bouquet in Vogue
Olive Cook's modest posy by Oh Flora
Cannot look away from these by  florafolk_
So stunning  __kimdaflower
Tiny and effective just like  mivioleta herself
Ash from  filmandfoliage nails the en masse local roses baby's breath simplicity
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