Wonderstar Studio

Wonderstar Studio is the home of myself and my flower bestie, Melissah (The Flower Wonderer) and myself (Stardust Flowers). See what we did there? Wonderstar? Cute huh?
Mel and I met on our first day at flower school, and soon became fast friends. It is so magical to have someone sharing the ride of studying a new profession, small business ownership and all things flowers. We would go to the markets together, help each other with weddings and events and bounce ideas off each other. We even helped each other choose business names, logos, brand colours and websites. It is like having a business partner, while running our own businesses side by side, so it felt only natural that we would share a space together. 
After both working from home or shared creative spaces, we found our dream studio one morning while i was driving home from the flower market, I saw the for lease sign, looked it up and boom. That day we looked at it, that evening we applied and then she was ours.
It's an art deco shop front, although we don't operate as a shop. We are by appointment only, both with online stores. We make and deliver our bouquets form the studio, work on weddings and events, meet brides and I host workshops there. And, our fur babies, Lenny and Harry are often found lazing around while we flower.
Wonderstar Studio is available to hire for any florist's out there who need additional space to work from for weddings and events, or to anyone who runs workshops (just not floral ones). If you wan to know more about the space and how to hire it, drop me an email